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Start by defining the problem. Have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively. Consider that the simplest approach is often the best.
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Website speed is taken into account by search engines, it factors heavily into conversions.


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It is the core of our business. One of the biggest issues in hosting today is “the unknown”.


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Hosting technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace. We stay at the forefront of these changes.


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Our team has worked with WordPress for over two decades. We’ve contributed to core.

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The best Hosting company I met ever met in my online career. KaribuHosting played a big role in ranking my websites to the top of google’s page.
Abdel Rahman
Software Engineer
I love using Karibu Hosting! It’s easy for me to use even with my very limited technical skills. I also appreciate that I can have several tools for my website in just one place.
Ivet Fortun
Sales Manager
I started with Karibu Hosting for my new website and I’m very happy with the Product. The Quality is very good and the Support is very helpful!
Rele Altermatt
DevOps Engineer
Very easy to use and great value for my blog and an overall great platform to use. I would highly recommend it!
Linda Vu
UI Designer
Karibu Hosting has been an easy way to create an online presence! Their customer support is excellent, with affordable plans that fit everyone’s budget. I am a happy customer!
Heather Seyhun
Project Manager
KaribuHosting is awesome for me, it has cool tools all tools in one place for use when you need them, This helps me gain time and complete all tasks quickly and easily,
Given Hoffman
Web Developer

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